4 Moments that Threatened the TCI Team’s Existence in Crash

Delve into the intense threats faced by the TCI team in Crash. From bribery scandals to critical accidents, witness their fight for survival.
4 Moments That Threatened The Tci Team’S Existence In Crash

In the high-stakes world of the Korean drama Crash, the TCI team, led by Min So Hee (Kwak Sun Young) and bolstered by the sharp analytical skills of Cha Yeon Ho (Lee Min Ki), constantly finds themselves embroiled in intense confrontations with crime. Despite their relentless dedication, several moments have dangerously threatened the very existence of this formidable team. Here, we delve into four such critical incidents.

1. Bribery by Pyo Myung Hak

The introduction of Pyo Myung Hak (Heo Jung Do) in Crash stirs up a whirlwind of emotions among the show’s loyal viewers. Prior to his appointment as the commissioner general of the Seoul police, Myung Hak’s history was marred by numerous legal transgressions. One such incident involved the notorious Daejeon Case—a hit-and-run scandal linked to Pyo Jung Wook (Kang Ki Doong), for which the blame was unfairly pinned on Cha Yeon Ho.

Pyo Myung Hak In Crashes


This incident posed a significant threat to the TCI team’s survival as Myung Hak went to great lengths to ensure the case remained buried. His underhanded tactics included punishing TCI members to safeguard his own position, showcasing the extent of corruption that jeopardized the integrity of the team.

2. The Entry of Lee Tae Ju as Head of the TCI Team

The arrival of Lee Tae Ju (Oh Eui Sik) as the head of the TCI team brought a new wave of challenges. Tae Ju, in league with Myung Hak, played a pivotal role in obstructing Cha Yeon Ho’s efforts to expose the hit-and-run case. His influence extended to impeding the TCI team’s investigations, often forcing them into unnecessary conflicts with other divisions.

Lee Tae Ju In Crashes


Min So Hee and her team had to resort to clandestine operations to continue their investigations, aware that any case touching the upper echelons of police leadership inevitably drew Tae Ju’s interference. His connections and manipulations significantly threatened the operational integrity of the TCI team.

3. TCI as the Scapegoat in the Joint Team

In a high-profile rape and premeditated murder case, the Namgang Police involved both the serious crimes investigation team and the TCI team. Led by Lee Tae Ju, the joint team traced DNA and gathered crucial evidence, initially obtained by the TCI team. However, this evidence was later twisted to undermine them.

The Joint Team In Crashes


Tae Ju continued the investigation without informing the TCI team about key developments, complicating their efforts and allowing other teams to target them. This strategic sidelining and misuse of evidence highlighted how internal politics could derail the TCI team’s pursuit of justice.

4. The Traffic Accident that Left Min So Hee’s Father Critical

The dramatic turn of events took a personal toll when Min So Hee’s father was critically injured in a traffic accident caused by a drunken Pyo Jung Wook. This incident mirrored past bribery cases, reigniting the team’s struggle against corruption. Unlike before, So Hee courageously confronted Jung Wook and implicated police officials, risking the ire of powerful adversaries.

Min So Hee'S Father In Critical Condition


Despite their commendable honesty and integrity in fighting crime, the TCI team faced heightened scrutiny and opposition. Their relentless pursuit of truth placed them in the crosshairs of those within the police force who sought to conceal their wrongdoings.

In Crash, the TCI team’s unwavering commitment to justice stands as a beacon of hope. Yet, their journey is fraught with peril, with formidable enemies both outside and within the police force threatening their very existence. The drama masterfully depicts the high stakes and intense struggles faced by those who dare to challenge the status quo.

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