4 Korean Artists Tying the Knot in May 2024

In May 2024, four beloved Korean artists, including Super Junior's Ryeowook, are tying the knot. Learn about their love stories and upcoming weddings, marking new beginnings for these stars.
4 Korean Artists Tying The Knot In May 2024
4 Korean Artists Confirmed To Get Married In May 2024Julien Kang and JJ wedding portrait (instagram.com/julienkang)

Julien Kang, the French model-actor who has made a name for himself in South Korea, is marrying his partner, YouTuber JJ. The couple will celebrate their union with a wedding reception in Seoul on May 10, 2024. Julien, who gained popularity through his role in the hit series High Kick (2009-2011), has also appeared in various other dramas including Twelve Men in a Year (2012), Goodbye Dear Wife (2012), Golden Cross (2014), and X-Garion (2019). His journey from a foreign model to a beloved actor in Korea has been nothing short of impressive, and fans are excited to see him embark on this new chapter with JJ.

Kang Eun Tak

4 Korean Artists Confirmed To Get Married In May 2024portrait of Kang Eun Tak (instagram.com/kang_eun_tak)

Kang Eun Tak, who made his acting debut in the drama Jumong (2006), is another star set to get married this May. His wedding reception is scheduled for May 11, 2024. At the age of 41, he is marrying his non-celebrity partner after two years of dating. Kang Eun Tak has built a solid career with roles in series such as TV Novel: Gold Land (2014), Beautiful You (2015), Love to the End (2018), A Man in a Veil (2020), and Young Ladies and Gentlemen (2021). His journey from his early acting days to his current success has been marked by dedication and talent, making his wedding a highly anticipated event for his fans.

Han Eu Ddeum

4 Korean Artists Confirmed To Get Married In May 2024portrait of Han Eu Ddeum (instagram.comhaneuddeum)

Han Eu Ddeum, a model-actress under Sublime Artist Agency, will be marrying her non-celebrity partner on May 12, 2024. She began her acting career with the drama Valid Love (2014) and has since gained attention for her roles in Nevertheless (2021) and Celebrities (2023). Her transition from modeling to acting has showcased her versatility and charm, endearing her to a broad audience. Fans are eagerly awaiting to celebrate her new journey as a married woman.

Super Junior’s Ryeowook

4 Korean Artists Confirmed To Get Married In May 2024portrait of Ryeowook (instagram.com/ryeo9ook)

Ryeowook, known for his role in the iconic boy band Super Junior, announced his upcoming marriage via Instagram. He will marry his partner, Ari, a former member of the girl group TAHITI, at the end of May 2024. The couple, who have been together since 2020, have a seven-year age difference. Ryeowook’s announcement has delighted fans, who have followed his career and personal life closely. His journey from a pop star to a married man is a significant milestone that his supporters are thrilled to witness.

A New Beginning

For all four of these artists, their weddings mark the beginning of a new phase in their lives. Julien Kang, Kang Eun Tak, Han Eu Ddeum, and Ryeowook have all shared their talents and personal journeys with their fans, who now get to share in their happiness as they take this significant step. Congratulations to each of them on their upcoming marriages!

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