4 Conflicts in Oh Wan Soo’s Life in Red Swan That Make Her Unhappy

Oh Wan Soo's life in Red Swan is a tale of struggle and resilience.
4 Conflicts In Oh Wan Soo’S Life In Red Swan That Make Her Unhappy

Oh Wan Soo, portrayed by Kim Ha Neul, is one of the main characters in Red Swan, an original Disney+ Hotstar drama. From the first episode, we see that despite her economic stability, she is depicted as an unhappy woman. Married to the son of the Hwain Group owner, her life seems perfect on the surface. However, Oh Wan Soo’s unhappiness is rooted in her past and the ongoing challenges she faces. Here are four key conflicts in her life that contribute to her unhappiness.

1. Childhood Hardships and Dropping Out of School

Red Swan

Oh Wan Soo’s early life was marked by significant hardship. Living with her mother and brother, she experienced a lot of deprivation. Her mother, a golf coach, once faced a furious outburst from Park Mi Ran (Seo Yi Sook), the only daughter of the Hwain Group owner. This incident deeply saddened Oh Wan Soo.

Determined to create a better future, her mother encouraged her to play golf, hoping she could become a professional golfer. With two golf clubs stolen from Park Mi Ran, Oh Wan Soo practiced tirelessly. However, financial difficulties forced her to drop out of junior high school and work as a golfer to support her family. Her dedication to practicing golf at night eventually paid off, but it was a tough journey.

2. The Burden of Her Mother’s Gambling Debts

Oh Wan Soo’s efforts to become an international golfer bore fruit after 12 years of hard work in America. She frequently won matches and even earned a place in the Hall of Fame. Her success brought financial stability and fame, as she often modeled in advertisements.

Despite her success, Oh Wan Soo’s happiness was marred by her mother’s gambling habits, which led to significant debts. She had to use her earnings to pay off these debts, which strained their relationship and forced her to cut ties with her mother. This burden left a lasting impact on her happiness.

3. Struggles in Her Marriage to a Chaebol Husband

Oh Wan Soo married Kim Yong Kook (Jung Gyu Won), Park Mi Sook’s son, whom she met while volunteering in Africa. The Hwain Group’s Now Foundation had sponsored her due to her talent, leading to their union. However, her marriage was far from blissful.

Her husband’s infidelity and her mother-in-law’s constant anger made her life difficult. Despite these challenges, Oh Wan Soo persevered. She gave birth to a son but had to leave him to manage the Now Foundation. The show reveals her deep sadness when she thinks about her son, highlighting another source of her unhappiness.

4. Frequent Terrorization and Threats

As Oh Wan Soo became more involved in humanitarian work through the Now Foundation, she gained fame but also faced numerous threats. She was terrorized by ISIS, who were unhappy with her activities, and also targeted by an unknown assailant. Fortunately, she survived an attack thanks to her bodyguard and a shop assistant who took the bullets meant for her.

Seo Do Yoon’s protection has been a crucial factor in her survival. These threats add another layer of complexity and fear to her life, contributing significantly to her unhappiness.

My Take

Watching Oh Wan Soo’s journey in Red Swan is a rollercoaster of emotions. From her challenging childhood to the relentless threats she faces as an adult, her story is compelling and heart-wrenching. The drama does an excellent job of portraying her struggles and resilience. With only two episodes aired, I am eager to see how her story unfolds and what other conflicts she will face. This drama is a must-watch for those who enjoy deep, character-driven stories with plenty of emotional depth.

Red Swan has only just begun, and with eight episodes left, there’s a lot more drama and resolution to look forward to. Tune in to Disney+ Hotstar to follow Oh Wan Soo’s journey and see how she overcomes the conflicts in her life.

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