3 Social Issues Raised by High School Return of a Gangster

High School Return of a Gangster sheds light on juvenile delinquency, thugism, and infidelity, offering a profound reflection on these pressing social issues.
3 Social Issues Raised By High School Return Of A Gangster

High School Return of a Gangster (2024) is a drama adapted from the popular web novel Jokokin Naega Godeunghaksaengyi Dweeotseummida by Horol. Starring Yoon Chan Young, Bong Jae Hyun, and Lee Seo Jin, this drama is a must-watch. It follows the story of a gangster leader who mysteriously experiences a soul exchange with a bullied student. This intriguing plot brings to light several significant social issues that resonate with real-life experiences. Let’s delve into three key social issues highlighted by the drama.

1. Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Delinquency

Still Cuts From The Drama High School Return Of A Gangster (Instagram.com/Official_Jopog) 

One of the primary social issues depicted in High School Return of a Gangster is juvenile delinquency. The characters, mostly high school students, engage in various delinquent behaviors such as bullying, smoking, and even physical violence. These actions often stem from a lack of proper guidance and attention from adults.

For instance, Hong Jae Min (Joo Yoon Chan) comes from a broken home and lacks parental attention. As a result, he spends much of his time on the streets and eventually joins a gang to bully his peers. This scenario highlights how a lack of adult supervision and care can lead to youth engaging in harmful behaviors. The drama portrays the severe consequences of bullying in schools, emphasizing the need for serious intervention to prevent such issues from escalating.

2. Thugism


Still Cuts From The Drama High School Return Of A Gangster (Instagram.com/Lifetimekorea) 

The drama also explores the theme of thugism, depicting various gangster groups that mirror real societal issues. Some gangs, like the Chilsung Gang, operate within certain norms, accepting jobs to combat criminal activities without breaking the law. However, not all gangs are the same.

There are other groups involved in illegal activities such as drug dealing and assaults. These gangs often recruit underage teenagers, further perpetuating the cycle of crime. High School Return of a Gangster sheds light on the dangers posed by these criminal groups, highlighting the urgent need for societal control to curb such activities. The portrayal of gang life in the drama serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of unchecked thugism.

3. Infidelity


Still Cuts From The Drama High School Return Of A Gangster (Instagram.com/Lifetimekorea) 

Infidelity is another critical social issue addressed in the drama. Song Yi Heon (Yoon Chan Young) is the product of an illicit relationship between his father, Chairman Bae of Ok Construction, and his mother, a former popular actress. To protect his father’s reputation, Yi Heon is forced to live in hiding, causing him significant emotional distress.

Despite having access to luxurious facilities, Yi Heon suffers from a lack of parental love and attention. This aspect of the drama highlights the profound impact of infidelity on children, who often bear the emotional brunt of their parents’ actions. The portrayal of Yi Heon’s life serves as a poignant commentary on the often-overlooked consequences of infidelity.

Final Thoughts

High School Return of a Gangster is not just an engaging drama; it’s a mirror reflecting some of the pressing social issues of our time. Through its compelling narrative, it brings attention to juvenile delinquency, thugism, and infidelity, urging viewers to reflect on these issues in their own lives and communities. The drama serves as a valuable lesson on the importance of addressing these societal problems with empathy and seriousness.

In the end, High School Return of a Gangster not only entertains but also educates, making it a show worth watching for its profound messages and realistic portrayal of social issues.

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