3 Reasons Why Park Joon Seo Didn’t Choose 1882 for PIN in Connection

Park Joon Seo's surprising PIN choice in Connection explained with emotional and strategic insights.
3 Reasons Why Park Joon Seo Didn’T Choose 1882 For Pin In Connection

The Korean drama Connection wrapped up its 14-episode run with an impressive national rating of 14.2 percent. The show’s success can be attributed to its compelling storyline and the outstanding performances of the actors. One of the key mysteries that left viewers pondering was Park Joon Seo’s (Yoon Na Moo) bitcoin PIN code. Many believed the code to be 1882, created as an SOS signal for Jang Jae Kyeong (Ji Sung) to help him in times of danger. However, the actual PIN turned out to be different, leaving fans questioning the reasons behind this choice.

1. The 1882 Code Was Known to Jung Sang Eui

Jung Sang Eui (Park Keun Rok) In The Korean Drama Connection Jung Sang Eui (Park Keun Rok) in the Korean drama Connection (instagram.com/sbsdrama.official)

Initially, the code 1882 was a secret shared only between Park Joon Seo and Jang Jae Kyeong, dating back to their high school days. This number was meant to ensure Jang Jae Kyeong’s assistance during emergencies. However, Jung Sang Eui (Bae Jun Hyung) also learned about the code from Park Joon Seo, who shared it to ensure his safety.

As they grew older and their lives became more complex, Park Joon Seo realized the dangers of others knowing the code. His involvement with dubious characters like Won Jong Soo, Park Tae Jin, and Oh Chi Hyun heightened his caution. The fear that Jung Sang Eui might leak the code to these individuals made 1882 an insecure choice.

2. Park Joon Seo Wanted to Remember the Good Times

Still Cut From Connection

Still Cut From Connection (Instagram.com/Sbsdrama.official) 

People often use significant dates for their PINs, like birthdays or memorable events. For Park Joon Seo, the number he chose symbolized a cherished memory from his high school days in Busan with friends Jang Jae Kyeong, Oh Yoon Jin, and Heo Joo Song.

These memories held a special place in his heart, especially since he felt lonely in adulthood due to mistakes made during his school years. He had falsely accused Jang Jae Kyeong of a crime under Won Jong Soo’s influence, causing a rift between them. The number 2407 represented an important date tied to his friendship and served as a personal reminder of better times.

3. He Chose a Number Code No One Knew

Park Joon Seo (Yoon Na Moo) In The Korean Drama Connection

Park Joon Seo (Yoon Na Moo) In The Korean Drama Connection (Instagram.com/Sbsdrama.official) 

Park Joon Seo’s involvement in the drug business made him acutely aware of the constant danger surrounding him. He knew that Park Tae Jin, who coerced him into the illegal trade, would stop at nothing to maintain control.

Understanding the risks, Park Joon Seo deliberately selected a PIN code that no one else knew. This precaution ensured that even if Park Tae Jin or others tried to access his bitcoin, they would fail. His ultimate goal was to protect his legacy and ensure that it ended up in the hands of those he trusted: Jang Jae Kyeong, Oh Yoon Jin, and Heo Joo Song.

Connection not only delivered thrilling criminal cases but also highlighted the profound themes of friendship and loyalty. The final reveal of Park Joon Seo’s PIN code was a testament to his complex character and the intricate web of relationships within the story.

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