3 Plot Holes in Lovely Runner That Make Viewers Confused

Uncover the confusing plot holes in Lovely Runner. From mysterious deaths to abrupt career changes and unresolved love stories, we explore the drama's biggest unanswered questions.
3 Plot Holes In Lovely Runner That Make Viewers Confused

Lovely Runner finished broadcasting its final episode with a happy ending. Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon) and Ryu Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok) finally unite after multiple separations due to death. This conclusion was a relief for fans of the fantasy drama. However, some plot points left viewers scratching their heads, feeling as if some explanations were missing. Here are three major plot holes in Lovely Runner that left us bewildered.

1. Kim Young Soo’s Sudden Death

3 Plot Holes In Drakor Lovely Runner That Make Viewers Confused Lovely Runner Footage (Dok.tvN/Lovely Runner)

Kim Young Soo (Heo Hyung Kyu) is a mysterious character, known for being the taxi driver relentlessly targeting Im Sol’s life across two time loops. He even shifts his focus to Ryu Sun Jae, someone very close to Im Sol. The audience never learns why Kim Young Soo is so determined to kill Im Sol. His motivation remains a mystery throughout the series, which is frustrating for viewers who crave logical consistency.

Moreover, Kim Young Soo’s sudden death adds to the confusion. He dies in a car accident while being chased by Kim Tae Sung (Song Geon Hee). This abrupt end to his character leaves many questions unanswered, particularly why he was so fixated on Im Sol in the first place. The lack of closure regarding Kim Young Soo’s motives feels like a significant oversight in the storyline.

2. Ryu Sun Jae’s Career Change

3 Plot Holes In Drakor Lovely Runner That Make Viewers Confused Lovely Runner Footage (Dok.tvN/Lovely Runner)

From the beginning, Ryu Sun Jae is portrayed as an idol who inspires Im Sol to persevere. His melodious voice and songwriting talent make him the perfect idol, and he is the lead vocalist in the group Eclipse. However, in a surprising twist at the end, Ryu Sun Jae becomes an actor, and his role as the vocalist is taken over by Baek In Hyuk (Lee Seung Hyub), who previously couldn’t sing.

This sudden career change is disappointing because Ryu Sun Jae’s character seemed destined to remain an idol. His transformation into an actor feels abrupt and unsatisfying, as it undermines the character development and the bond he had with his bandmates. Many viewers were left wondering why the writers chose this path for Ryu Sun Jae, especially when his role as an idol was so well-established.

3. Kim Tae Sung’s Love Story

3 Plot Holes In Drakor Lovely Runner That Make Viewers Confused Lovely Runner Footage (Dok.tvN/Lovely Runner)

Kim Tae Sung’s (Song Geon Hee) love story is another plot point that leaves viewers perplexed. From the start, he harbors unrequited feelings for Im Sol, believing he has a deep past connection with her. However, this past is never fully explored or explained. By the end of the series, Kim Tae Sung remains just a close friend to Im Sol, with no resolution to his romantic storyline.

The lack of clarity around Kim Tae Sung’s feelings and history with Im Sol is frustrating. It feels like the writers missed an opportunity to delve deeper into his character and provide a satisfying conclusion to his unrequited love. The unresolved nature of his storyline leaves viewers wondering about his true connection to Im Sol and why it was never fully addressed.

Final Thoughts

While Lovely Runner delivered a happy ending for its main characters, these plot holes leave a lingering sense of confusion. The unexplained motives of Kim Young Soo, the abrupt career change of Ryu Sun Jae, and the unresolved love story of Kim Tae Sung are significant gaps in the narrative. Despite these issues, the drama remains a delightful watch with its heartwarming moments and compelling characters. However, addressing these plot holes could have elevated the story to an even higher level, providing a more satisfying experience for the audience.

Feel free to share your thoughts on these plot holes. Did you find them as puzzling as we did, or do you have your own theories? Let us know in the comments!

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