3 Obstacles in Kim Ri An and Jung Jae I’s Relationship in Hierarchy

Kim Ri An and Jung Jae I navigate fierce business rivalries, privacy threats, and meddling third parties in Hierarchy. Will their love endure the turmoil?
3 Obstacles In Kim Ri An And Jung Jae I’S Relationship In Hierarchy

Drama Hierarchy dives deep into the conflicts between children of conglomerates, set against the backdrop of Jooshin High School, a prestigious private school established by the Jooshin Group. At the center of this drama are Kim Ri An (Kim Jae Won) and Jung Jae I (Roh Jeong Eui), an inseparable couple ruling the school’s hierarchy. However, their relationship is fraught with challenges. Here are three significant obstacles they face in their journey.

Attention, this article contains spoilers.

1. Parental Business Competition

3 Obstacles In Kim Ri An And Jung Jae I'S Relationship In Drakor Hierarchy Footage of Kim Jae Won in the drama Hierarchy (instagram.com/netflixkr)

Kim Ri An and Jung Jae I come from rival business families, with Kim Ri An being the heir to the Jooshin Group and Jung Jae I the heir to the Jaeyul Group. Their parents’ business rivalry significantly impacts their relationship, forcing them to keep their love hidden. The situation becomes more complicated when Jung Jae I faces an arranged marriage with the heir of the Gongseong Group, which fortunately gets canceled due to a scandal involving drugs.

Kim Ri An, on the other hand, faces pressure from her mother to reveal their secret relationship. Despite these pressures, Kim Ri An stands firm in defending Jung Jae I, who continues to distance himself for her protection. Their love, though tested, remains steadfast even if they can only be together for brief moments.

2. Threat of Spreading Privacy Videos

3 Obstacles In Kim Ri An And Jung Jae I'S Relationship In Drakor Hierarchy Footage of Roh Jeong Eui in the drama Hierarchy (instagram.com/netflixkr)

One of the more intense obstacles in their relationship is the threat of a privacy breach. Jung Jae I receives threats from unknown individuals who possess an intimate video of him and Kim Ri An. The video was recorded by Jung Jae Hyeok (Kim Jun Hyung), Jung Jae I’s younger brother, who harbors resentment towards him.

To protect Kim Ri An and their families’ reputations, Jung Jae I decides to deal with this threat alone. Compounding this issue, Jung Jae I experiences a personal tragedy with a miscarriage, adding another layer of sorrow to their relationship. Despite these hardships, Jung Jae I’s priority remains shielding Kim Ri An from any harm.

3. Interference from Others

3 Obstacles In Kim Ri An And Jung Jae I'S Relationship In Drakor Hierarchy Footage of Roh Jeong Eui and Lee Chae Min in the drama Hierarchy (instagram.com/netflixkr)

The presence of third parties further complicates the relationship between Kim Ri An and Jung Jae I. Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min) and Yoon He Ra (Ji Hye Won) are notable characters who interfere due to their hidden feelings.

Kang Ha initially approaches Jung Jae I to uncover the truth about his brother’s death but ends up falling for her, realizing she is not as bad as he initially thought. Meanwhile, Yoon He Ra secretly harbors feelings for Kim Ri An. She seizes the opportunity to come between them when the couple breaks up, trying to tempt Jung Jae I by pretending to be Kim Ri An’s girlfriend. Despite their efforts, neither can come between the couple’s deep-seated love.

My Take on Kim Ri An and Jung Jae I’s Relationship

The portrayal of Kim Ri An and Jung Jae I’s relationship in Hierarchy is a compelling exploration of love’s resilience amidst external pressures. The series adeptly showcases how their love persists despite business rivalries, personal threats, and third-party interferences. This realistic depiction resonates with viewers, highlighting the power of love in overcoming even the most daunting obstacles.

Overall, Hierarchy offers a rich narrative that keeps viewers hooked, combining intense drama with heartfelt moments. The dynamic between Kim Ri An and Jung Jae I serves as a testament to enduring love, making it a must-watch for fans of complex romantic dramas.

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