3 Interesting Facts about Jung Ryeo Won’s Career, Casting on the Road!

Jung Ryeo Won's career journey from pop star to acclaimed actress is truly inspiring.
3 Interesting Facts About Jung Ryeo Won’S Career, Casting On The Road!

Jung Ryeo Won’s name is currently being talked about a lot because she stars in the currently airing drama, The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (2024). She plays an academy teacher who successfully helps many students study. Jung Ryeo Won’s acting skills must also be taken into account.

In fact, Jung Ryeo Won’s career in the South Korean entertainment industry has been going on for 24 years. This Australian actress also had a unique experience when starting her career. Are you curious about the interesting facts about Jung Ryeo Won’s career journey? Here are three interesting facts about her journey.

1. Was Offered an Audition During a Student Exchange and Debuted as a Member of the Girl Group Chakra in 2000

Jung Ryeo Won In The Midnight Romance In Hagwon

Jung Ryeo Won was born in Seoul, South Korea on January 21, 1981. In 1991, Jung Ryeo Won’s family immigrated to Brisbane, Australia. Jung Ryeo Won grew up and became an Australian citizen. After graduating from high school, she continued her education and majored in international business at Griffith University.

In 1999, Jung Ryeo Won conducted a student exchange program in South Korea. While walking around Apgujeong, she was offered an audition by Lee Sang Min to become a member of a singing group. Jung Ryeo Won finally managed to debut as a member of the Chakra group.

In 2002, Jung Ryeo Won felt lost regarding her career in the entertainment industry. After several years, Chakra was declared disbanded in 2004. At that time, Jung Ryeo Won convinced herself to continue her career as an actress.

2. Began to be Known to the Public through the Sitcom Hello Franceska (2005) and the Drama My Lovely Sam Soon (2005)

Jung Ryeo Won In The Midnight Romance In Hagwon

After deciding to act, Jung Ryeo Won tried her luck by participating in various auditions. She admitted that she failed 11 times before getting a role in the sitcom Hello Franceska (2005). Through this series, Jung Ryeo Won began to be known to the audience for her acting.

After that, Jung Ryeo Won started to get attention after successfully starring in the Korean drama My Lovely Sam Soon (2005). This drama gained a lot of success by getting a rating of 50.5% in its last episode. Through this drama, Jung Ryeo Won was praised for her role as the protagonist.

At that time, Jung Ryeo Won was known as a singer with stunning acting skills. She was even compared to several big names, one of which was Rain.

3. Played a Big Role in the Film Two Faces of My Girlfriend (2007) and Successfully Won an Award

Jung Ryeo Won In The Midnight Romance In Hagwon

Jung Ryeo Won actually appeared on the big screen in 2002 as a cameo. After taking on several small roles, Jung Ryeo Won was finally trusted to be one of the main actors in the film Two Faces of My Girlfriend (2007). In this film, Jung Ryeo Won plays a woman who suffers from a split personality.

Jung Ryeo Won plays three different personalities, A Ni, Ha Ni, and Yu Ri. Her expertise in realizing these three characters has succeeded in getting the attention of many people in the industry. Through this role, Jung Ryeo Won received the award for Best New Actress at The 28th Blue Dragon Awards.

Jung Ryeo Won’s perseverance and hard work in building her acting career is indeed worthy of emulation. She even dared to restart her career in another field to open up opportunities. Therefore, don’t forget to watch the last two episodes of The Midnight Romance in Hagwon and support Jung Ryeo Won’s work in the future!

In conclusion, Jung Ryeo Won’s journey from a student exchange participant to a renowned actress is truly inspiring. Her versatility and determination have made her a standout figure in the South Korean entertainment industry.

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