3 Interesting Facts About aespa’s Supernova Song

Three surprising facts about aespa's Supernova song, from success to member favorites.
3 Interesting Facts About Aespa’S Supernova Song

aespa, one of the most popular South Korean groups, has recently released their first full album, Armageddon. Among the tracks, the song Supernova has gained significant attention. Interestingly, this track, despite its popularity, isn’t a favorite among the aespa members or their production staff. Here are three intriguing facts about Supernova that make it stand out.

Not the Favorite Song of aespa Members and Staff

aespa’s album Armageddon features 10 tracks, including Supernova and the title track, Armageddon. When the group was preparing for the album release, they promoted a double title track concept, with Supernova being one of the pre-release singles.

Portrait Of Karina Aespa (Instagram.com/Aespa_Official)

Portrait Of Karina Aespa (Instagram.com/Aespa_Official) 

Surprisingly, despite its success, Supernova isn’t a favorite among aespa members or the staff behind its production. During an appearance on Hyell’s Club, Karina mentioned that when asked to pick their favorite track between Supernova and Armageddon, most members and staff chose Armageddon. This candid revelation highlights the diverse musical tastes within the group and their team.

Achieved Perfect All Kill for Several Weeks

In the South Korean music industry, achieving a Perfect All Kill (PAK) is a significant accomplishment. It means the song has reached the top position on all major music charts, including MelOn, FLO, Genie, and Bugs. Supernova managed to secure this feat, staying at the top for several weeks.

Portrait Of Aespa Members (Instagram.com/Aespa_Official)

Portrait Of Aespa Members (Instagram.com/Aespa_Official) 

Karina shared her surprise at the song’s immense popularity, especially considering it wasn’t their top pick. The track garnered over 76,000 unique listeners within an hour of its release on MelOn and amassed over 431,000 daily listeners, becoming the second song to achieve such success in 2024.

International Fame and NASA’s Mention

Supernova not only captured the hearts of South Korean fans but also gained international acclaim. The song topped charts on global platforms like YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and the Circle Global K-pop Chart. Its widespread popularity even caught the attention of NASA.

Portrait Of Giselle And Karina Aespa (Instagram.com/Aespa_Official)

Portrait Of Giselle And Karina Aespa (Instagram.com/Aespa_Official) 

NASA’s Webb Telescope team tweeted a photo of the Cassiopeia A supernova, pairing it with lyrics from Supernova. This shoutout from NASA underscores the song’s universal appeal and how it resonates beyond the K-pop community. The Cassiopeia A supernova, located 11,000 light-years away, was a fitting visual representation for the powerful impact of aespa’s track.


Supernova by aespa has proven to be a remarkable song with a fascinating backstory. Despite not being a favorite among the members or production staff, it has achieved incredible success, both domestically and internationally. From topping charts to getting a nod from NASA, Supernova exemplifies the group’s unique sound and global reach. As aespa continues to make waves in the music industry, fans can look forward to more groundbreaking tracks in the future.

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