3 Facts about Thirsty Deer in My Sweet Mobster, the employee is a former convict

Thirsty Deer in My Sweet Mobster highlights redemption as ex-gangsters build a thriving food business, fostering family bonds and showcasing the power of second chances.
3 Facts About Thirsty Deer In My Sweet Mobster, The Employee Is A Former Convict

Drama My Sweet Mobster premiered on June 12, 2024, capturing the audience’s attention with its compelling storyline. The show revolves around a former gangster who turns over a new leaf and dedicates himself to living an honest life. It also features women who are highly dedicated to their work despite being underestimated by others. One of the standout elements of the drama is the unique company called Thirsty Deer, managed entirely by ex-convicts. Let’s delve into three fascinating facts about Thirsty Deer that make it a significant part of the show.

The Business is in the Food Sector

Uhm Tae Goo In The Drama My Sweet Mobster

Uhm Tae Goo In The Drama My Sweet Mobster (Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama) 

For viewers of My Sweet Mobster, the character Seo Ji Hwan (played by Uhm Tae Goo) is a familiar face. He is the CEO of Thirsty Deer, a company operating in the meat industry. Ji Hwan built this company from the ground up, and it has become a notable player in the market for meat-based food products. The name Thirsty Deer, which amusingly alludes to a thirsty deer, often serves as an icebreaker in meetings with new clients.

The company is known for its innovative products, including a special sausage for children that was introduced at a children’s exhibition. Each year, Thirsty Deer continues to release new products, maintaining its competitive edge in the market. This dedication to innovation has earned Thirsty Deer a positive reputation and a loyal customer base.

All Employees are Ex-Convicts

Trailer For The Drama My Sweet Mobster

Trailer For The Drama My Sweet Mobster (Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama) 

One of the most unique aspects of Thirsty Deer is its workforce. The CEO, Ji Hwan, is a former gangster who has served time in prison. During his incarceration, he underwent a significant transformation and decided to lead a better life. Upon his release, he founded Thirsty Deer and hired former gangsters and ex-convicts, giving them a second chance at life.

These employees, who have all committed crimes in the past, now contribute positively to the company’s success. Ji Hwan’s leadership and the team’s dedication have turned Thirsty Deer into a well-known brand. Despite their backgrounds sometimes affecting the company’s image, Ji Hwan remains steadfast in supporting his team and proving that the past doesn’t define the future.

Strong Family Relationships Among Employees

Trailer For The Drama My Sweet Mobster

Trailer For The Drama My Sweet Mobster (Instagram.com/Jtbcdrama 

The employees of Thirsty Deer share a common background, which fosters strong familial bonds among them. They regularly eat together and pray before meals, reflecting a sense of community and mutual support. Whenever one of them faces a problem, the others are quick to step in and help.

This solid relationship is a testament to Ji Hwan’s upbringing and his commitment to creating a supportive environment. He continuously reminds his team to help one another, reinforcing the idea that a troubled past doesn’t preclude a positive future. The camaraderie among Thirsty Deer employees adds depth to the storyline of My Sweet Mobster, showcasing the power of redemption and solidarity.

My Sweet Mobster offers a unique perspective on redemption and transformation, with Thirsty Deer playing a central role in illustrating these themes. The drama’s portrayal of ex-convicts finding a new path in life through honest work and mutual support is both inspiring and heartwarming. Don’t miss out on this captivating show that airs weekly!

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