3 Facts about the Gay Dating Show His Man 3, Airing on June 21, 2024

His Man 3 premieres on June 21, 2024. Follow the emotional journeys of diverse contestants as they open their hearts on South Korea's first gay dating show.
3 Facts About The Gay Dating Show His Man 3, Airing On June 21, 2024

His Man is back with its third season, promising more heartfelt moments and emotional journeys as contestants open up and seek love. Let’s delve into three key facts about His Man 3, which is set to premiere on June 21, 2024.

1. His Man 3 Premieres on June 21, 2024

His Man 3

Image Source: His Man 3 (Twitter.com/Gay__Zip) 

The highly anticipated third season of His Man is officially confirmed to air on June 21, 2024, at 09:00 WIB. The show released posters and previews via social media on June 12, 2024, creating a buzz among fans. New episodes will be available for streaming every Friday at the same time, accessible on the Wavve platform for local viewers and IQIYI for international audiences.

2. His Man 3 Continues the Legacy of South Korea’s First Gay Dating Show

His Man 2 Participants

Image Source: His Man 2 Participants (Twitter.com/Gay__Zip)

His Man holds a special place in South Korean television history as the first gay dating show to air in the country. The show debuted in July-August 2022 and immediately garnered attention, both positive and negative. Despite South Korea’s conservative stance on LGBTQ issues, His Man found a strong support base internationally, which helped sustain its popularity. The show’s success led to a second season in June-August 2023, and now, the third season is ready to captivate audiences once more.

3. Diverse Participants in His Man 3

His Man 2 Trailer

Image Source: His Man 2 Trailer (Twitter.com/Gay__Zip)

One of the show’s unique aspects is its diverse cast. His Man brings together eight men from various professional backgrounds and ages, living under one roof. Throughout the season, these men get to know each other, explore their feelings, and eventually express their emotions towards their chosen partners. The second season’s success story of Seongho and Junseong, who have now become popular YouTube content creators, sets high expectations for the upcoming season. Will His Man 3 create another beloved couple?

My Take on His Man 3

As a fan of reality dating shows, His Man offers a refreshing and important representation of gay relationships in South Korean media. The show’s success amidst societal taboos speaks volumes about its impact and the changing attitudes towards LGBTQ issues. The emotional journeys and genuine connections formed on the show make it a compelling watch. I’m eagerly anticipating the new season and hopeful for more heartfelt stories and meaningful relationships to unfold.

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