3 Facts about Audiophiles in Connection

Unravel the secrets of the Audiophile club in Connection. From high school memories to a murder mystery, see how past connections shape Jang Jae Kyeong's quest for truth.
3 Facts About Audiophiles In Connection

Connection begins with dramatic changes in Jang Jae Kyeong’s (Ji Sung) life. From a successful detective who caught drug dealers, he becomes entangled in a web of addiction and personal turmoil. Jae Kyeong’s life is turned upside down, and he is determined to catch the person responsible for his downfall.

The only clue he has is his high school friend, Park Joon Seo (Yoon Na Moo). However, Joon Seo is found dead shortly after they reconnect. This tragic event leads Jang Jae Kyeong to investigate a group of audiophiles linked to his past. Here are three intriguing facts about the audiophiles in Connection.

Attention, this article contains spoilers.

Audiophile Club Origins

3 Facts About Audiophiles In Drakor Connection, Murder Case Connection Footage of Kim Min Ju, Lee Hyun So, Cho Han Gyeol, and Jo Min Gu in the drama Connection (instagram.com/sbsdrama.official)

Audiophile is the name of the music listening club at Jeogang High School. In Jang Jae Kyeong’s class, there were few members, and the club was led by Park Joon Seo. This club, though small, played a significant role in the lives of its members.

Oh Yoon Jin, a transfer student, discovered the club and became interested, leading to more students joining, including Jang Jae Kyeong and Heo Joo Song. The club’s activities and connections built during high school set the stage for the unfolding drama years later.

From Club to Company

Yoon Na Moo Footage In Connection Yoon Na Moo footage in Connection (youtube.com/SBSdrama.official)

Years later, Park Joon Seo used the name Audiophile for his company. The relationship between Jang Jae Kyeong and Park Joon Seo had deteriorated over time due to a past incident. Despite Joon Seo’s attempt to reconcile after 20 years, Jae Kyeong’s refusal led to more tension.

Shortly after their encounter, Park Joon Seo died under mysterious circumstances. Surprisingly, he named Jang Jae Kyeong as a beneficiary of his life insurance, registered under the name Audiophile, which he claimed was his company’s name. This unexpected twist adds depth to the mystery surrounding Joon Seo’s death.

The Mysterious Beneficiaries

Footage Of Ji Sung And Jeon Mi Do In Connection Footage of Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do in Connection (instagram.com/sbsdrama.official)

Interestingly, Park Joon Seo’s life insurance named several beneficiaries from the Audiophile club, including Oh Yoon Jin and Lee Myung Guk. The inclusion of these names raises questions about Joon Seo’s intentions and the significance of the club in his life.

Despite his wife Choi Ji Yeon’s presence, Joon Seo chose his old friends as beneficiaries, hinting at hidden motives and secrets. As Jang Jae Kyeong and Oh Yoon Jin delve into the investigation, they believe the insurance holds clues to uncovering the truth behind Joon Seo’s death and possibly Jae Kyeong’s entrapment.

Until the fourth episode, Audiophile remains a crucial clue in the mysterious case of Park Joon Seo’s death in Connection. This club may also hold the key to identifying the perpetrator who drugged Jang Jae Kyeong. Stay tuned for new revelations in the next episodes!

In Connection, the Audiophile club isn’t just a backdrop for the characters’ high school memories. It evolves into a pivotal element in the murder mystery, linking past friendships with present-day tragedies. The layers of intrigue and the web of relationships make this drama a gripping watch. I’m eagerly awaiting the next episode to see how these audiophile connections unravel further.

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