3 Audience Theories About the Post-Credit Scene in Hierarchy

Fans are buzzing with theories about the post-credit scene in Hierarchy. Who sent Kim Ri An the message, and was the bloodied student murdered? Join the discussion!
3 Audience Theories About The Post-Credit Scene In Hierarchy

Hierarchy has become the talk of the town after airing its seventh episode on June 7, 2024. This intriguing series follows the story of Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min), a student who transfers to Jooshin High School to uncover the truth behind his older brother Kang In Han’s (Kim Min Chul) death. As Kang Ha digs deeper, he faces numerous challenges and ultimately discovers the truth. However, the drama leaves fans buzzing with a mysterious post-credit scene featuring a student covered in blood. Here are three audience theories about this intriguing scene.

Kim Ri An’s Mysterious Message

Kim Ri An'S Mysterious Message

In the post-credit scene, Yoon He Ra (Ji Hye Won) discovers a student covered in blood and screams in horror, drawing the attention of the other students. Among them is Kim Ri An (Kim Jae Won), who receives a cryptic message that reads, “Are you surprised, Kim Ri An?” This message seems to be sent right after Kang Ha takes his cellphone out of his pocket.

There are two prevailing theories about this scene. The first theory suggests that Kang Ha sent the message to Kim Ri An. Kang Ha, unable to forgive Kim Ri An for past actions, might have sought revenge by harming a student as a warning to Kim Ri An. The second theory posits that the message came from someone else who harbors a grudge against Kim Ri An, reminding her of past misdeeds.

Kang Ha’s Role: Sender or Receiver?

Kang Ha'S Role

Kang Ha is seen walking casually in the school hallway, smiling at his phone. This moment has led to two distinct theories. One theory is that Kang Ha received a message, possibly from Jung Jae I (Roh Jeong Eui), who has previously expressed feelings for him. His minimal thumb movement suggests he might have been opening a message rather than sending one.

The second theory suggests that Kang Ha had a draft message prepared and sent it as soon as he heard Yoon He Ra’s scream. This would explain his smile and Kim Ri An’s shock, linking Kang Ha’s actions to the student covered in blood.

The Fate of the Bloodied Student: Murder or Suicide?

The Fate Of The Bloodied Student

The sight of a bloodied student at the end of the episode has left viewers speculating about his fate. The injuries suggest that he was likely murdered, possibly from a blow to the head or a stab wound to the neck. Given the context, it’s unlikely that the student chose to end his own life, especially since Kim Ri An has supposedly reformed and eliminated bullying at Jooshin High School.

From these theories, it seems the post-credit scene of Hierarchy has sparked much debate and anticipation for the next season. Each theory presents a plausible explanation, but only time will reveal the true story behind the bloodied student. Do you have any other thoughts or theories about this scene? Share your ideas as we eagerly await more news about the second season of Hierarchy.

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