15 Quotes about the Ups and Downs of Workers from Miss Night and Day

Dive into 15 memorable quotes from Miss Night and Day that reflect the challenges and perseverance of job seekers, and find motivation in their stories.
15 Quotes About The Ups And Downs Of Workers From Miss Night And Day

Miss Night and Day dives deep into the life of Lee Mi Jin, portrayed by Jung Eun Ji. After a bizarre turn of events, Mi Jin transforms into an old woman at dawn and returns to her youthful self at night. This drama, rich in slice-of-life themes, paints a vivid picture of the struggles young adults face in their professional lives, especially when navigating the job market in their late 20s. Here are 15 impactful quotes from the show that capture the essence of these ups and downs.

Miss Night And Day

The Struggle of Finding Work

In Miss Night and Day, Lee Mi Jin’s journey is filled with moments that resonate with anyone who has faced the challenges of job hunting. One of the standout quotes is:

  1. “I don’t interfere in other people’s affairs, unless I feel responsible for it.” – Gye Ji Ung
Miss Night And Day
  1. “There are many companies in the world, but somehow no one wants to accept me to work.” – Lee Mi Jin

Another powerful line from Mi Jin is:

  1. “If you improve little by little, one day you will be great.” – Lee Mi Jin
Miss Night And Day
  1. “I wanted to give up when I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, I did not stop or look back.” – Lee Mi Jin

A Glimmer of Hope

Despite the obstacles, Mi Jin’s story is also one of perseverance and hope. She believes in gradual improvement, as reflected in the quote:

  1. “So far, I’ve been walking without a break.” – Lee Mi Jin
Miss Night And Day

Another encouraging quote is:

  1. “Even though I have experienced more failures than successes in my life, I will not get tired and give up.” – Lee Mi Jin
  1. “I will also make progress little by little, today and tomorrow.” – Lee Mi Jin

Embracing Resilience and Hard Work

The drama also highlights the importance of resilience. Mi Jin states:

  1. “I work so hard that it feels like there’s not a day without me working hard.” – Lee Mi Jin
Miss Night And Day

In a similar vein, she says:

  1. “I feel like I’ve worked really hard. I question the ending I experienced.” – Lee Mi Jin

Another poignant moment is when she says:

  1. “If anyone is willing to grant a wish, I would just like to be given a job.” – Lee Mi Jin
  1. “Sometimes I wish I could disappear or be someone else.” – Lee Mi Jin

Reflecting on Personal Growth

Mi Jin’s journey is also about personal growth and self-reflection.

  1. “After today, worse things could happen. We have to be prepared.” – Lim Chung
Miss Night And Day

Moreover, her statement:

  1. “I don’t want it to end now. I have to date, work for my parents, and spend time traveling with my best friend.” – Lee Mi Jin

captures the essence of taking small, consistent steps towards one’s goals.

The Broader Perspective

The character Gye Ji Ung also offers wisdom in the drama. His quote:

  1. “I responded to this problem with my expertise. My condemnation rate is high.” – Gye Ji Ung
Miss Night And Day

Additionally, Lim Chung’s insight:

  1. “I can’t give up until I get a decent job in my late 20s.” – Lee Mi Jin

broadens the narrative to include the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of preparedness.


Lee Mi Jin’s eight-year journey of job searching in Miss Night and Day is filled with highs and lows, illustrating the resilience, hope, and hard work required to overcome professional challenges. Her story is a beacon of inspiration for anyone facing similar struggles. As Mi Jin’s experiences remind us, improvement and success often come little by little, through perseverance and unwavering determination.

Miss Night and Day is a compelling drama that not only entertains but also provides profound insights into the real-life struggles of young adults. It’s a must-watch for anyone needing a dose of motivation and a reminder that they are not alone in their journey.

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