13 Korean Dramas About “Pick Me” Girls That Will Make You Irritated

These 13 K-dramas about pick me girls will leave you both hooked and annoyed.
13 Korean Dramas About “Pick Me” Girls That Will Make You Irritated

Have you ever heard the term “pick me” girl? This slang term refers to a girl who will do anything to get all the attention on her. Korean dramas often showcase female characters like this, making the storyline more exciting and sometimes downright irritating. Let’s dive into 13 Korean dramas featuring pick me girls that will surely get on your nerves.

1. Boyhood (2023)

In Boyhood, we meet Seon Hwa, a character obsessed with being the most beautiful girl. Her desperation for attention and validation makes her a quintessential pick me girl. Watching her antics can be both entertaining and frustrating as she goes to great lengths to be noticed.

2. The Escape of the Seven (2023)

The Escape of the Seven revolves around a man who wants to be king, but there’s a female idol character who’s a real pick me girl. Though she appears to be sweet and charming, she’s actually a bully, using her facade to manipulate those around her. Her actions add a layer of tension to the drama, making viewers both captivated and annoyed.

3. Night Has Come (2023)

Night Has Come is about students trapped in a hotel playing mafia games. Among them is a girl who pretends to be nice just to get a guy’s attention. Her fake kindness and desperate actions are a classic example of a pick me girl, making her a character that viewers love to hate.

4. My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018)

In My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Soo Ah is an iconic pick me girl. Obsessed with getting constant validation, she uses her looks and manipulative charm to stay in the spotlight. Her behavior creates a lot of drama and frustration, both for the characters around her and the audience.

5. Perfect Marriage Contract (2023)

Perfect Marriage Contract dives into themes of revenge and marriage. Soo Ah, a character in this drama, is a blend of pick me and hypocrite, making her actions doubly irritating. Her constant need for attention and validation makes her a standout pick me girl in the world of K-dramas.

6. Yumi’s Cell (2021)

In Yumi’s Cell, Ruby is the spoiled and annoying pick me girl who drives Yumi up the wall. Ruby’s character is designed to irritate both Yumi and the viewers, with her constant need for attention and her spoiled nature.

7. True Beauty (2020)

In the midst of Su Ho and Ju Kyung’s relationship in True Beauty, there is Soo Jin who is jealous and ends up hurting and dropping Ju Kyung. Soo Jin’s jealousy and underhanded tactics make her a typical pick me girl, causing endless trouble for the main characters.

8. Marry My Husband (2024)

Marry My Husband immediately became known for its pick me girl character, Soo Min. Her actions and attitude are designed to evoke strong emotions from the viewers, making her a truly irritating presence in the drama.

9. Revenant (2023)

If you watch Revenant, be prepared to be annoyed by Yoon Jung’s behavior. She is thirsty for praise and loves attention, embodying the pick me girl persona perfectly. Her actions are sure to get under your skin as you watch the series.

10. Crash Course in Romance (2023)

Crash Course in Romance is about the competition to enter a prestigious university. Bang Soo Ah always wants to be number one and refuses to lose, making her a prime example of a pick me girl. Her competitive nature and desperate need to be at the top add tension to the drama.

11. Pyramid Game (2024)

A school drama and a suspenseful bullying game, Pyramid Game features Woo Yi, who loves to “suck up” to her most popular friend. Her sycophantic behavior makes her an annoying pick me girl, adding a layer of drama to the series.

12. The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract (2023)

Themed on time travel and future journeys, The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract includes Yoo Ha Na, who is a hypocrite. Her two-faced nature and pick me behavior create a lot of drama and frustration for both the characters and the audience.

13. Destined with You (2023)

Destined with You isn’t just about a cursed lawyer; it also features Na Yeon, a manipulative pick me girl. Her actions and manipulative tactics make her a character that viewers will find both engaging and irritating.

That’s a wrap on Korean dramas about pick me girls whose characters can make the audience nervous, even emotional. Their acting is truly remarkable, making these characters both loveable and hateable at the same time.

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