12 Korean Drama OSTs to Soothe Your Soul When You’re Feeling Down

12 heartwarming Korean drama OSTs perfect for when you're feeling down.
12 Korean Drama Osts To Soothe Your Soul When You’Re Feeling Down

Korean dramas, known for their compelling storylines and emotional depth, often feature original soundtracks (OSTs) that resonate deeply with viewers. These OSTs are not just background music; they are integral to the drama’s emotional narrative, enhancing the scenes and providing a powerful auditory experience. When you’re feeling down, these melancholic OSTs can be the perfect companion, offering solace through their heartfelt lyrics and soothing melodies.

The Power of Korean Drama OSTs

It’s no secret that Korean dramas excel in producing memorable OSTs. These songs often accompany the most poignant scenes, intensifying the emotions portrayed on screen. With soft vocals and slow, lilting instruments, these OSTs evoke feelings of longing, heartbreak, and hope. The lyrics frequently touch on universal themes of love and loss, making them relatable to listeners worldwide.

12 Melancholic Korean Drama OSTs to Comfort You

If you love melancholic music, these 12 Korean drama OSTs are perfect for your playlist when you’re feeling down.

  1. “Sleepless Night” by Rothy – Backstreet Rookie

    Rothy’s “Sleepless Night” captures the essence of overthinking late at night. Its gentle melody and reflective lyrics make it a comforting listen for anyone feeling overwhelmed.

  2. “Day & Night” by Jung Seung Hwan – Start-Up

    This OST delves into the complexities of love and relationships. Jung Seung Hwan’s soulful voice brings out the emotional turmoil of the characters in Start-Up.

  3. “That’s All” by Choi Yu Ree – Thirty Nine

    A poignant song about love that cannot be fulfilled, Choi Yu Ree’s “That’s All” beautifully complements the bittersweet narrative of Thirty Nine.

  4. “Whenever, Wherever” by Roy Kim – My Demon

    Roy Kim’s touching message in “Whenever, Wherever” is a standout track from My Demon. Its heartfelt lyrics and soothing melody make it a memorable listen.

  5. “Lasting Like The Last Day” by Kang Min Kyung – My Demon

    Another beautiful OST from My Demon, Kang Min Kyung’s “Lasting Like The Last Day” will make you drift along with its mesmerizing tune.

  6. “Wish” – Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

    “Wish” from Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha tells a story of hope and love. Its stirring melody and heartfelt lyrics are sure to resonate with anyone feeling down.

  7. “Breath” by Sam KimIt’s Okay to Not Be Okay Sam Kim’s “Breath” is a nostalgic ode to beautiful memories, perfectly capturing the longing felt in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.
  8. “Like A Dream” by Minnie (G) I-DLE – Lovely Runner

    This dreamy track from Lovely Runner reminds us of the obstacles in a love story, beautifully rendered by Minnie’s soothing vocals.

  9. “Hello” by Sohyang – 18 Again

    “Hello” by Sohyang explores the complex dynamics of family relationships in 18 Again, blending romance with familial love and conflict.

  10. “Deeply” by Hen – Unknown Drama

    Hen’s “Deeply” is a soulful exploration of loneliness and emptiness, making it a relatable song for those struggling to find happiness.

  11. “I’m Missing You” by Sunjae – True Beauty

    This OST for True Beauty sheds deep longing and nostalgia, capturing the essence of missing someone dearly.

  12. “Love You With All My Heart” by Crush – Queen Of Tears

    Crush’s “Love You With All My Heart” is a heartfelt ballad that can be a perfect addition to your upset song playlist from Queen Of Tears.

These melancholic OSTs from various Korean dramas offer a comforting embrace through their emotive music and touching lyrics. Whether or not you understand Korean, the emotions conveyed through these songs are universal. So, which OST resonates with you the most? Let these beautiful melodies accompany you through your toughest times.

By channeling the heartfelt tones and emotional depth typical of DramaBeans, this article aims to provide not just a list, but an emotional journey through some of the most touching Korean drama OSTs.

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