12 Brilliant Korean Stars Who Graduated from Seoul National University

From actors to music moguls, these 12 Korean stars graduated from Seoul National University, showcasing their impressive academic and artistic talents.
12 Brilliant Korean Stars Who Graduated From Seoul National University

Seoul National University (SNU) has recently been in the spotlight. The SNU team’s victory in the reality show University Wars has once again highlighted the university’s reputation as the top educational institution in South Korea. This recognition is not only due to their recent win but also because SNU is known for its high academic standards and for producing exceptionally talented graduates.

Among these graduates are several well-known Korean artists who have excelled both in their artistic careers and academic pursuits. Here’s a look at 12 Korean artists who have studied at SNU, showcasing their diverse fields of study and impressive intellectual achievements.

Lee Sang Yoon: Physics Major

Lee Sang Yoon, a name familiar to many drama fans, graduated from SNU with a major in Physics. This field is known for its complexity and difficulty, making Lee’s accomplishment even more remarkable. His role in Life Is Beautiful has not only showcased his acting talent but also hinted at the depth of his intellectual capabilities.

Lee Sang Yoon Portrait of Lee Sang Yoon (instagram.com/lsy_810815)

Lee Honey: Master of Korean Traditional Music

Lee Honey, a multi-talented artist known for her roles in dramas like The Fiery Priest, holds a Master’s degree in Korean Traditional Music from SNU. Her academic background is as impressive as her beauty pageant title and acting career, demonstrating a perfect blend of artistic and intellectual prowess.

Lee Honey Lee Honey in KDrama Knight Flower (instagram.com/mbcdrama_now)

Lee Soo Man: Computer Science Graduate

The founder of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man, is not only a business mogul but also an SNU graduate with a major in Computer Science. His academic background has undoubtedly contributed to his strategic thinking and success in the entertainment industry.

Lee Soo Man Portrait of Lee Soo Man (wikimedia.org)

Diverse Talents and Brains

Kam Woo Sung: Oriental Painting Major

Senior actor Kam Woo Sung, known for his roles in The King’s Face and Alone in Love, studied Oriental Painting at SNU. His academic pursuit in arts complements his profound acting skills, reflecting a deep understanding of artistic expression.

Kam Woo Sung Actor Kam Woo Sung in Joseon Exorcist (doc. SBS/Joseon Exorcist)

Kim Tae Hee: Clothing and Textiles

Kim Tae Hee, adored for her roles in Stairway to Heaven and Yong-pal, graduated with a degree in Clothing and Textiles from SNU. Her fashion sense and acting talent make her a standout in the industry.

Kim Tae Hee Kim Tae Hee in Welcome to Samdalri (doc. JTBC/Welcome to Samdalri)

Yoo Hee Yeol: Music Composition

Yoo Hee Yeol, a renowned songwriter and musician, majored in Music Composition at SNU. His contribution to the Korean music industry, particularly through his show Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, is immense.

Yoo Hee Yeol Portrait of Yoo Hee Yeol (doc. KBS KPop/Yu Hui Yeol’s Sketchbook)

Kim Jeong Hoon: Dentistry

Kim Jeong Hoon, known for his role in Princess Hours, initially majored in Dentistry at SNU before transferring to Chung Ang University. His unique academic journey adds an interesting layer to his artistic career.

Kim Jeong Hoon Portrait of Kim Jeong Hoon (instagram.com/kimjeonghoon0120)

These artists not only excel in their respective fields but also demonstrate that they have the brains to back their talents. Their academic achievements at SNU highlight their versatility and dedication, proving that they are much more than just pretty faces in the entertainment industry.

In my opinion, this blend of academic and artistic success is truly inspiring. It shows that pursuing one’s passion in the arts does not mean compromising on education. These artists have set a remarkable example for aspiring entertainers and students alike, proving that it is possible to excel in both arenas.

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