10 Portraits of Lovely Runners Pop-Up Store, Lots of Fans Coming

Discover the Lovely Runner pop-up store in Seoul, packed with exclusive merchandise and beloved scenes. Fans from all over celebrate their favorite drama!
10 Portraits Of Lovely Runners Pop-Up Store, Lots Of Fans Coming

The Korean drama Lovely Runner has gained immense popularity, leading to tvN opening a pop-up store for fans. The shop, which opened on May 23, 2024, offers various Lovely Runner merchandise, from Ryu Sun Jae to Eclipse.

Fans Flock to the Pop-Up Store

The response from fans was overwhelming, with visitors not only from South Korea but also from the United States coming to see the store. Here are some highlights from the Lovely Runner pop-up store in Seoul:

  1. Welcoming Posters: Fans are greeted with large, vibrant posters of popular scenes featuring Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae at the entrance. These posters capture some of the most memorable moments from the series, instantly transporting fans into the world of Lovely Runner. It’s a perfect spot for fans to take their first photos and feel the excitement of the pop-up store.

    Fans Will Be Greeted With Posters Of Popular Scenes Im Sol And Ryu Sun Jae At The Entrance

  2. Memorable Moments: A poster of Ryu Sun Jae and Im Sol’s first date at a baseball game is prominently displayed. This scene is a fan favorite and seeing it larger-than-life brings back all the feels. Fans can relive the chemistry and adorable awkwardness of the characters’ first date, making it a cherished spot in the store.

    Poster Of Ryu Sun Jae And Im Sol'S First Date

  3. Photo Opportunities: Fans can freely take photos at interesting spots within the store, including life-sized cutouts of the characters and themed backdrops. These spots are designed to resemble iconic locations from the show, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the world of Lovely Runner and create their own memorable moments.

    Fans Taking Photos At Interesting Spots

  4. Eclipse Lightsticks: The store sells Eclipse lightsticks, giving fans a chance to feel like real idols. These lightsticks are modeled after the ones used by the fictional band Eclipse in the show, and owning one makes fans feel even more connected to their favorite characters.

    Eclipse Lightsticks

  5. Im Sol’s Room: The iconic room of Im Sol, known for her love of photography, is also on display. This setup includes her camera, photos, and other personal items, meticulously recreated to match the set from the show. Fans can step into Im Sol’s world and see where some of the show’s most intimate moments took place.

    Im Sol'S Iconic Room

  6. Personal Items: Fans can view belongings of Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae, such as their favorite books, clothing, and personal accessories. These items are displayed in glass cases, providing a closer look at the characters’ personal lives and adding an extra layer of connection for fans.

    Im Sol And Ryu Sun Jae'S Belongings

  7. Iconic Scenes: Unforgettable scenes from Lovely Runner are displayed in hanging figures, allowing fans to revisit the most emotional and impactful moments of the series. These displays are crafted with attention to detail, capturing the essence of the scenes that made fans fall in love with the show.

    Iconic Scenes Displayed

  8. Merchandise: Fans can purchase Lovely Runner merchandise such as mugs, photocards, and posters. These items are perfect souvenirs for fans to take home and remember their experience at the pop-up store. The merchandise also includes limited edition items that are exclusive to the store.

    Merchandise Available

  9. Overflow of Fans: The queue had to be closed due to the overwhelming number of fans. The high turnout exceeded expectations, demonstrating the immense popularity of Lovely Runner. The excitement and energy of the fans were palpable, turning the event into a massive celebration of the show.

    Queue Closed Due To Overflow Of Fans

  10. Special Appearance: Eclipse drummer, Moon Xion, greeted fans at the store, adding an extra layer of excitement. His appearance was a surprise, and fans were thrilled to meet one of their favorite characters in person. It was a memorable moment for everyone present and a testament to the show’s impact.

    Moon Xion Greeting Fans

The high enthusiasm shows just how beloved Lovely Runner is. It’s a testament to the show’s impact and the dedicated fanbase it has garnered.

Seeing the excitement and dedication of Lovely Runner fans is truly heartwarming. The pop-up store not only celebrates the show’s success but also brings fans closer to their favorite characters and moments. It’s a fantastic way to keep the love for the show alive and create lasting memories for fans. If you ever get a chance to visit, it’s definitely worth the experience! The way fans from all over the world are coming together to celebrate their love for Lovely Runner is inspiring, and it shows the power of a great story well told.

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