10 Korean Dramas Similar to Connection That Achieved High Ratings

Looking for Korean dramas similar to Connection? Check out these 10 high-rated thrillers with gripping stories and complex characters. A must-watch list!
10 Korean Dramas Similar To Connection That Achieved High Ratings

During its broadcast in the second week of June, the drama Connections starring Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do achieved high ratings. This latest thriller-crime drama tells the story of a great detective from the police narcotics unit, captivating audiences with its intense plot and mysterious perpetrator. If you’re a fan of Connections and looking for more dramas with similar vibes, here are ten recommendations that have also achieved high ratings.

1. Big Mouth (2022)

Big Mouth is a Korean drama that revolves around a lawyer who accidentally gets caught in a murder case. As he tries to prove his innocence, the suspense builds, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The thrilling investigation and the quest to uncover the real culprit make it a must-watch for fans of Connections. This drama has 16 episodes, each lasting about 70-80 minutes, and features a stellar cast including Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah, and Kim Joo-hun. You can watch Big Mouth on Disney+ and Hulu.

2. My Name (2021)

For revenge, a girl becomes a member of the most powerful mafia and disguises herself as a detective in the narcotics unit in My Name. This drama is packed with action and emotional depth as the protagonist navigates her double life. The intense storyline and undercover operations provide a gripping experience similar to Connections. My Name has 8 episodes, each lasting about 50 minutes. The main cast includes Han So-hee, Park Hee-soon, and Ahn Bo-hyun. It is available for streaming on Netflix.

3. Vigilante (2023)

Vigilante features a drug case among international students that adds an intriguing layer to its plot. Although it is not the main story, this subplot attracts viewers with its complexity and the quest for justice. The drama’s unique take on crime and punishment makes it a great pick for those who enjoyed Connections. Vigilante consists of 12 episodes and can be watched on Disney+.

4. Narco-Saints (2022)

Narco-Saints follows the story of the arrest of a drug dealer boss in Suriname. This drama, with its international crime storyline and strategic maneuvers, echoes the suspense and high stakes seen in Connections. The global setting adds a fresh twist to the familiar theme of drug enforcement. It has 6 episodes and can be watched on Netflix.

5. A Model Family (2022)

In A Model Family, Dong Ha finds money that belongs to a drug network and becomes entangled in the case, turning into a fugitive. This drama explores the consequences of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, much like the unexpected twists and turns in Connections. A Model Family has 10 episodes and is available on Netflix.

6. The Worst of Evil (2023)

Apart from the complicated love triangle, The Worst of Evil presents the action of a detective who disguises himself as a drug dealer’s best friend. This dual life and undercover mission create a compelling narrative that resonates with the thrilling aspects of Connections. This drama has 12 episodes and can be watched on Disney+.

7. Hope or Dope (2022)

Hope or Dope features a teenager who finds a field full of marijuana in his village. The unexpected discovery and the ensuing events create a fascinating storyline. The drama’s exploration of youth and crime offers a different yet engaging perspective similar to Connections. Hope or Dope consists of 10 episodes and is available on various streaming platforms.

8. Strong Girl Nam Soon (2023)

While Strong Girl Nam Soon primarily focuses on a hilarious superpowered family, it also involves an attempt to catch a fierce drug dealer. The blend of comedy and crime-solving provides a unique viewing experience, offering something new for fans of Connections. This drama has 16 episodes and can be watched on Netflix.

9. The Escape of the Seven (2023)

Not entirely about the world of narcotics dealers, The Escape of the Seven includes several characters who are drug addicts. This drama’s diverse characters and their intertwined fates create a rich tapestry of stories that keep viewers engaged, much like the intricate plot of Connections. The Escape of the Seven has 10 episodes and is available on Viki.


10. Connections (2024)

Of course, the drama Connections itself is a hit in June 2024, keeping audiences curious with its mysterious perpetrator. The storyline and character development make it a standout thriller-crime drama that continues to captivate viewers. This drama has 12 episodes and can be watched on Netflix and Disney+.

These ten dramas offer a mix of thrilling plots, complex characters, and high-stakes investigations, much like Connections. If you’re looking for more excitement and mystery, give these dramas a watch. Each one brings something unique to the table, ensuring you won’t be disappointed.

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