10 Facts About Motel California, New Drama Starring Lee Se Young and Na In Woo

Lee Se Young and Na In Woo's touching reunion in Motel California promises heartfelt drama.
10 Facts About Motel California, New Drama Starring Lee Se Young And Na In Woo

Korean drama fans have something exciting to look forward to! Lee Se Young and Na In Woo are set to star in the upcoming drama Motel California, scheduled to air in 2024. The announcement was made on June 13, 2024, and since then, fans have been eagerly anticipating the release. This drama will be broadcast on MBC TV with a total of 12 episodes. The story revolves around a woman reuniting with her first love after years of separation. Let’s dive into some interesting facts about Motel California.

1. Lee Se Young as Ji Kang Hee

In Motel California, Lee Se Young plays Ji Kang Hee, a character raised in a motel by her father. Ji Kang Hee has faced numerous challenges growing up, as she has mixed heritage from her parents. These experiences have left her with many emotional wounds, shaping her into a strong and resilient woman.

Portrait Of Lee Se Young

2. Overcoming Challenges

Ji Kang Hee’s childhood was marked by the presence of her first love, a relationship that was abruptly interrupted when she moved to Seoul at the age of 20. Despite the distance, the feelings between them never faded. Now, Ji Kang Hee is a successful interior designer known for her impressive work. Her return to her hometown reignites old feelings and sets the stage for a touching story.

Portrait Of Lee Se Young

3. Na In Woo as Cheon Yeon Soo

Na In Woo plays Cheon Yeon Soo, a loyal veterinarian who has only ever had eyes for one woman—Ji Kang Hee. Cheon Yeon Soo is described as a steadfast and caring man, embodying the ideal qualities of a first love. Despite many matchmaking attempts by farmers in his village, he remains devoted to his childhood friend.

Portrait Of Na In Woo

4. Childhood Connection

Cheon Yeon Soo and Ji Kang Hee were childhood friends who harbored feelings for each other, but their relationship was interrupted when Ji Kang Hee moved to Seoul. This separation did not diminish their feelings, adding a layer of depth to their eventual reunion.

Portrait Of Na In Woo

5. Successful Career

Ji Kang Hee has become a renowned interior designer, known for her impressive and innovative work. Her return to her hometown not only brings back memories but also reignites old passions.

Portrait Of Lee Se Young

6. Reconnecting with the Past

When Ji Kang Hee returns to her hometown, she reconnects with Cheon Yeon Soo. Their story begins anew, filled with emotional highs and lows, making for a compelling narrative.

Portrait Of Na In Woo

7. Loyalty and Devotion

Cheon Yeon Soo is portrayed as a man of unwavering loyalty, focusing his love and attention on Ji Kang Hee despite numerous matchmaking attempts by others in his village.

Portrait Of Na In Woo

8. First Love

The drama explores the theme of first love, with Cheon Yeon Soo and Ji Kang Hee rediscovering their feelings for each other after years apart. This adds a nostalgic and emotional element to the story.

Portrait Of Lee Se Young

9. Community and Matchmaking

Cheon Yeon Soo is constantly approached with matchmaking proposals from his village, but he remains steadfast in his love for Ji Kang Hee, highlighting his deep connection to her.

Portrait Of Na In Woo

10. A Promising Reunion

Despite the initial conflicts and challenges they face upon reconnecting, Cheon Yeon Soo and Ji Kang Hee’s relationship grows stronger, making their journey a heartwarming and emotional experience for viewers.

Portrait Of Na In Woo

Additional Insights

Since the announcement, Motel California has received a positive response from fans, who are excited to see the dynamic between Lee Se Young and Na In Woo unfold on screen. Both actors have impressive resumes and are known for their ability to convey deep emotions, which bodes well for the success of this drama.


Motel California is shaping up to be a must-watch drama in 2024. With its engaging storyline and talented cast, it promises to capture the hearts of viewers. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Korean dramas or new to the genre, this series offers a compelling narrative of love, separation, and reunion that is sure to resonate with many.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the release date of Motel California. In the meantime, mark your calendars and get ready for a drama that will surely tug at your heartstrings.

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