10 Boss Romance Dramas That Will Make You Laugh

10 boss romance K-dramas guaranteed to make you laugh and feel warm inside.
10 Boss Romance Dramas That Will Make You Laugh

If you’re a fan of romantic comedies and you’re looking to dive into the world of Korean dramas, you’re in for a treat! Boss romance dramas blend the charm of love stories with the excitement of workplace dynamics. Here’s a list of ten must-watch boss romance dramas that promise plenty of laughter and heartwarming moments.

1. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

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Meet Young Joon, the narcissistic vice president of a large company, who only thinks about himself. By his side is his diligent secretary, Kim Mi So, who has worked tirelessly for him for nine years without any personal life. However, Mi So is now tired of being just a secretary and wants to live her own life. This drama is filled with misunderstandings and surprises, and there’s a mystery that adds depth to the storyline. After nine years of a strictly professional relationship, Mi So decides to resign. But can Young Joon manage without his faithful secretary?

2. My Secret Romance

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Cha Jin Wook is a party-loving young man whose father sends him to work at a family resort as punishment. There, he has a one-night stand with Yoo Mi, a talented nutritionist attending her mother’s wedding. Three years later, Jin Wook has transformed into a workaholic and discovers that Yoo Mi is now working at his company. Their story is peppered with comic book-like illustrations at the start of each episode. Although it’s a cliché, it’s impossible to resist the adorable couple and the fun storyline. Watching Yoo Mi slowly break down Jin Wook’s walls with her clumsy charm is a delight.

3. My Shy Boss

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Eun Hwan Ki is the CEO of a renowned public relations firm in South Korea, but he’s extremely shy and cannot speak in public. Instead, his childhood friend Kang Woo Il handles all external communications. Enter Chae Ro Woon, a lively new employee who is determined to uncover the truth about Hwan Ki, whom she believes is responsible for an incident three years ago. As she gets to know the complex and quiet Hwan Ki, she finds herself drawn to him.

4. Jugglers

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Yoon Yi is an incredible secretary who juggles covering up her boss’s extramarital affairs and managing an online forum for secretaries worldwide. While the storyline may seem typical, it becomes more engaging as the episodes progress. The drama is light, focusing on office life and the romance between the protagonists. The humor is natural, and the characters are charming, making this drama a refreshing watch.

5. Beating Again

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After receiving a heart transplant, Kang Min Ho starts to discover the true meaning of love and happiness. His father, the president of a large company, dies suddenly, leading to Min Ho’s uncle taking over the business and kicking Min Ho out. Min Ho begins to develop feelings for his secretary, Soon Jung, and finds himself competing with another man who is also in love with her. This drama blends romance with corporate intrigue, making it an exciting watch.

6. Oh My Ghost

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Na Bong Sun is a talented but shy assistant chef who can see ghosts. One day, she gets possessed by a lustful spirit, Soon Ae, who takes over her body. With her new bold personality, Bong Sun catches the eye of her boss and secret crush, Kang Sun Woo. The drama starts as a hilarious rom-com but evolves into a mystery with some thrilling moments, providing a perfect mix of laughter, romance, and suspense.

7. Gogh, The Starry Night

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Gogh is a 29-year-old employee at an advertising agency who recently got out of a three-year relationship. Her ex-boyfriend, Ji Hoon, left her without explanation, and she struggles with daily work pressures and a rocky relationship with her mother. Her boss, Kang Tae Oh, has always been a supportive presence, and slowly, Gogh starts to notice his affection. Just as things seem to be looking up, her ex returns, creating more chaos in her life. This drama beautifully portrays the struggles of balancing work, life, and love.

These boss romance dramas are all available on Netflix or Viki. They feature captivating stories, charming characters, and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. If you’re looking for a fun and heartwarming escape, these dramas are a perfect choice.

I hope this list gives you some great options to add to your watch list. Happy drama watching!


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